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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Preparation for Ceramic Art London

The first mask I have made was Cherry tree. In 2016 I made Apple tree, and I wanted to make another tree mask. It has to be a cherry tree. There are both cherry and apple trees in the garden. We seldom have a chance to taste cherries, however, as Wood pigeons eat them all before they become red. But we admire the beautiful blossoms.

This is more detailed mask than Apple tree and also larger.

Cherry tree

Red ridinghood
I have made quite a few Red ridinghood masks in the past. This is a new style. Firing could be a problem, but we will see.  

Girl with a red ribbon

Enchanted Forest

The largest tree mask so far. But I might make even larger one than this.  

I have made four birds. Here are the first two. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Story masks. Tinderbox and Alice

After working together for four months, the two masks were handed over to a lovely client visiting Britain. It was finally great to meet him.  

One of the great things about commissions is that I am challenged.

Alice is the largest and the most intricate story mask I have ever made. There are unseen details for the client. He will find them once he holds her in his hands. They are secret gifts from me.

I wish they will give plenty of imagination and joy to his family for a long time. Thank you so much.  

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Noel 2017 exhibition, Le Havre, France

I have sent four pieces of works to Noel 2017 exhibition, at Galerie Corinne Le Monnier, Le Havre, France. I heard two have gone. How lovely! The exhibition is until 16th January. If you are around there, pop in. There are lots of figurative art there. 

This is the second time I have shown my works in the gallery this year. Mme Le Monnier knows her clientele very well and picks those of my works they would like. As you know, the types of work I make is quite diverse. They all are parts of me, and I decided not to narrow down them. So when I place works to galleries, I try to select the best match. When galleriests know the tastes of their clienteles very well, it is the easiest for me and the best for the works. 

Storm. Even though storms could be devastating, but I feel thrilled when I hear the trees shaking and the wind blowing. This is the time when we feel how powerful nature is and how hopeless we really are. So I feel awe, fear and also respect to storms. I think they are marvelous combinations.

Bear. I had kept him for some time as I knew he would need the right audience. He has such a presence. He is someone special  

Spring is not printemps, but la source. She is pure innocece, unsual for my works. She has just appeared. I heard she was spoken for. 

Child with dog. Our old dog Topaz was slowing down. I felt every day with her was a gift. She had been always protective and loyal. She loved and respected me from the day she came to our home. She had glanced at me soo often. Our eyes met so often. It was difficult to see the puppy we got 14 years ago had aged more quickly than we did and now she was spending the last months of her life. Child and dog was also spoken for. 

2 December - 16 January
149 rue Victor Hugo
76600 LE HAVRE

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Animals of all shapes

Today I would like to share the photos of animals I have made this year so far. Some are on commissions.

I felt honoured to be able to make him for a special girl for her first birthday.

I made two pandas for a lovely panda lady who visits zoos in lots of countries to see, of course pandas!

And here is the better pic for the panda in red.

I have made this monkey for a lovely lady. He is twice as tall as my usual ones. I heard he was a gift for her friend.

Continuing Pocket Friends, here is the dog I made for fun. He found a good home at Ceramic Art London.

Meet Tallulah, the baby tapir. A ceramic artist bought her for his partner at Hatfield. How lovely!

Talking about Hatfield, a nice lady was surprised to see goat Pocket Friends. She said she didn't remember seeing them at Ceramic Art London. Yes, I make them, but they usually go quickly. So here are the sweet duo who went to join one of the largest collections of my animals, Singapore. How nice! 

I have also made rabbits' friends, Lamb and whippet. Both have gone at Ceramic Art London. Here is Lamb.

The ostriches were completed after one year. I don't think they are safe to post, so they would go to shows. 

This is Black fox with golden eyes.

Do let me know if you would like to have a special animal for someone special or yourself. I could make one with the colours you like, and an inscription (a few words, not a poem!). It would be an unique gift. Please contact me on social media, email (on my website) or Etsy convo. 

And here is the one I have just posted for a very nice lady. A special birthday present for her friend. It is her friend's dog.