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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The land of Archaeopteryx

Mike and I are bird people in essence. We used to birdwatch every weekend, and to visit bird parks whenever we could. We have also lived with birds since we were married. So Archaeopteryx is to me like the great ancestor of our loved birds, or the ancestral spiritual guardian. I wanted to make work of them. This is the second piece with this theme. 

The land of Archaeopteryx, sold
Imagining what types of plants grew there and what the landscape was like is already exciting. I start feeling strong sunshine on top of my head and the sounds of leaves in the jungle.

This mask is now in a lovely lady's home in the South East.


The first piece, below, is in Cecilia Colman gallery.

The forest where Archaeopteryx lived

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

They have lived happily ever after

It has been a busy summer. We didn't have any breaks as I'm still working on those commissions placed before we went to Tokyo in May and Mike has worked on my studio. Here are the photos of sales during summer.

Girl in the wind has now lives with a lovely lady in Finland. 

Betty and Sam. They went to a loving lady in the North. 

My first white fox now lives with a little tapir and Otto the aardvark in a loving home. 

Medieval lady has been always popular. She went to a nice lady's home.

Sweet rabbits went to a loving home. 

Baby tapirs discuss about their new lives. 

And one of them lives with his Mum. They have lived happily ever after. 

Aardvarks have been popular. They have goofy happy faces. They make me happy! He is my second one in chocolate colour! Thank you so much for waiting for months!

And the third one has a nutty colour! He has gone to a lovely lady with a cat spoon.

The first manekineko now lives with a lovely lady in the US. Here are other two! All have different characters. Both were gifts, I was told. This white fox flew to a dog lover's home in Canada.

This little polar bear and one of the black cat, Maneki neko, below, went to a lovely family.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Birds of summer

England is having a hot summer. We don't have it so often. Summer sometimes skips Britain; the land forgot by gods. That's how I often feel.

Swallow brooches
It has been hectic since I came back from Tokyo. But now all orders for summer deliveries have been posted, and I'm making for those for autumn deliveries. I can finally pace myself.

This summer I was able to make swallow brooches for the first time. I had been thinking to make one since last year.

They go very well with navy, which happen to be my favourite colour this summer. 

And here is my inspiration. A pair of nest-making house martins we saw in Kanagawa, Japan, in May. 

From my shop, other birds have flown away recently. 

Blackbirds. The right one has gone. The left one is in my shop

 Both Long tailed tits have gone to loving homes. Thank you so much.


Friday, 1 July 2016

PikaPika: Spotlight on Japanese designers

Hello. I have been busy for the last three weeks since I came back from Tokyo. I haven't had a single off day yet. The reason is that I have been working for PikaPika: Spotlight on Japanese designers exhibition, at the Gallery, Craft Central, London. I have fired the last pieces for it today. This was the third glaze-firing for it. 

I have also finished masks for Cecilia Colman gallery, London, for Window exhibition. I have just sent out Newsletters, about them. If you would like to hear updates about my events, please sign up from here, Sign up page.

PikaPika showcases work by Japanese designers and artists based in England. It was presented and curated by Creative Clerkenwell. PV will be on the 5th Tuesday - RSVP

I am so happy that my work will be with those of the talented artists and designers there. They are: 
Chisato Tamabayashi (book arts), Ikuko Iwamoto (ceramics), Maiko Dawson (leather), momocreatura (jewellery), Sato Hisao (paper), and Yuki Sasakura Assiter (jewellery).

I will be there on the Sunday. Pop in if you can!     


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Back from Tokyo exhibition

I came back from Tokyo a week ago. The exhibition went very well. Sales had continued until the last day. I was very happy to fly back light as Mike had to go back a week earlier. We went with four cases full of work, and I came back with one case of work. Brilliant.

There were visitors from all over the Kanto region as well as Kansai region, which is the western part including the Osaka and Kyoto area. Thank you so much.


I thank all those who purchased and visited. It was so lovely to meet you and to have chat with you!

They found good homes in Japan! Thank you so much!

The Pacific - sold

Neko kaburi - sold

Answer was in the box - sold

Children in conflict - sold

Red ridinghood -sold

Angel - sold

Tohryannsei - sold

The girl with red shoes - sold

Rabbit - sold

Polar bears - sold

Kaze no fukumama - Silver shell collection

All little tapirs have gone, of course.

And these stayed in Japan with my mother.

Angel - sold

Spring - sold

Current issue of Art Collectors' magazine is on 3D art. My work is featured in it.

A Japanese blog has also featured my exhibition. Thank you!

Thank you, people in Japan! See you again!