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Friday, 25 November 2011

Autumn soup and dog walk in the campus

Today's lunch was my healthy pork escalope soup, Serrano ham and wholemeal sesame bread with seeds from Waitrose. Ah and a glass of Green Goblin cider. Mike had same bread but grilled with cheddar cheese and Serrano ham.

My lunch
I cooked this soup yesterday with solar power. This is very healthy soup. I used pork escalope instead of other fatty parts. Carrot and Charlotte potatoes were initially cooked together, and then tofu and Chinese cabbage were added. That was my lunch. For dinner, I added several shiitake and a leek. When we eat, we added microwaved broccoli on top for colour. Flavouring is a bit of sugar and a bit of soy source. And also a bit of white whine makes nice flavour. Simple but versatile, as it goes well with either bread or rice. Perfect for autumn days.

I finished all.
Desert was simple. A piece of Lindt 85% chocolate and black coffee. The box of champagne truffles were already finished this morning. Mike refused to try even one, even though he loves chocolate so much. This must be love!

I finished my work early today. Sun was shining, so I decided to have a longish walk to the University with Pearl.
A bench at the labyrinth

Pearl found two squirrels! Her ears are sensors!

Silver birches
 After tucking the parrots in for a good night sleep, we watched third and fourth parts of Downton Abbey recorded. Glad to know that Mathew and William were safe!

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