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Friday, 4 November 2011

Born in the year of rabbit - appendix

Who is the odd one out in this group photo? Difficult? Ok then, I will show the next photo. Ta-da!

Now, can you tell who is the odd one out? Yes! The left rabbit. 

His character started as a joke. While I was making rabbit girls, quietly I was imagining what if a real rabbit wears this rabbit suit? In my head, this character became alive. He behaved a bit like an old Disney character like Donald duck or Mickey Mouse.

Appendix I

Then, I made one. He is titled 'Born in the year of rabbit-appendix I'. He, it turned out, was my funny button. I giggled and laughed out loud alone in our dinning room late in the evening as I made him. It must have been a spooky sight! He became more and more active in my head, so I made appendix II and appendix III soon after.

Appendix II

They were on display in Open House. Our dear friend, Margarita seemed delighted to hear my explanation for these characters. She said 'Oh, I see! I was wondering why rabbits are wearing monks' frocks!'

Appendix III

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