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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Failure... A big one

I wanted to make three more rabbit girls for Open House. The story of rabbit girls started with my friend who was born in the year of rabbit in 1963. I developed the idea from there by making girls born in the year of rabbit in 1975, 1987 and 1999. The youngest girl went to NZ with our friends. So I wanted to make another girl for 1999 to replace her.

To complete the story, I also thought I would need to make a baby girl born in this year as a rabbit baby girl, too. One day, however, I saw two ladies walking past. One of them was expecting a baby very soon. She had glowing expression on her face. At the moment, I decided to make a mother who is carrying a baby girl who will be born in this year, the year of the rabbit.

Obviously every story needs an end, preferably a good one. Alas, this one didn't go well.

This is the image taken before firing. They were decorated, waxed and glazed at home, waiting to be fired in a kiln.


And this is after firing. A couple of kilns had been a bit dodgy this autumn. My girls went into one kiln, but it didn't get up to the temperature, so they as well as the rest of its contents were moved into another kiln, which seemed to have went to too high temperature. The result was white glaze melted and became clear, and stuck on a shelf in the kiln.


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