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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Finally my new listings are up and late afternoon walk

Westgate court Avenue
What's that? (looking at a dog on the other side)
I finally could manage to upload a couple of new listings into my Etsy shop despite that Royal mail site is still broken. What happened to them? But they put a pdf price list, so I was able to figure out postage for shipping. Phew! Two chameleons went up today. It took me so long for these two chaps this evening, I was too tired to do the rest. So other ones will be up on my shop tomorrow evening.

I took Topaz for a walk to Westgate court Avenue late afternoon. I like walking there. Trees have lost leaves, and Topaz was busy finding something (probably not good things!) under the leaves on the ground.

I found peculiar looking mushrooms. Lavender coloured ones.

But Topaz was more interested in an invisible squirrel!


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