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Friday, 14 June 2013

A cat with a headscarf and our porcelain in California

Hello everyone. A good news! I have submitted the essay today! Thank you so much for your support! I am so lucky to to have you all! Now I am free to create again. What a nice feeling!

I took photos of one of the sculptures I took for assessment this afternoon. Unusual subject for me. A cat.

A cat by Midori Takaki
I used to have a white cat with green eyes. He was the inspiration for me. I made another one, I will show you later.

From slightly different angle.

I had very good news over the weekend. A set of porcelain rabbit bowls and a sushi plate have arrived safely to a lovely lady in California. Mike threw the bowls on a wheel, and I made the plate. I hand painted all of them with Japanese rabbits. What a relief! We are so delighted! The lady soon used them, and did a little sushi party with her extended family. She kindly sent me a photo.

A little sushi party!

She is such a lovely lady. We really enjoyed making them for her. Thank you so much!

Rabbit bowls

Rabbit sushi plate

If you are interested in getting your own one, please let me know.

That's it today. I am going to make a little pinch pot now. I will be in the studio most of the day tomorrow. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Have a great weekend Midori. Take s bit of time to smell the roses in between the work :)

    1. Hello Willow. Thank you. Yes, I will. : ) We will take our girls to the beach today before rain hits us. Then house cleaning! : O

  2. ^^ Congratulations!! i'm very Happy to you my Dear Midori-San!!
    i wish you again lot of successful!!! °_^
    Sweets friendly kisses from France,

    1. Thank you, Lenore-san! : ) Very kind of you!