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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Lovely lunch, rabbits and storm damages

Hello everyone. Today, we had a wonderful lunch with ceramic artist Karen Banks and photographer Paul Carr. They came to collect Angel. They are such nice people. We enjoyed their company so much! So far, all of the people I have met through my ceramics are really nice. Mike observed that people who like my work tend to be nice. I agree! I was spoiled by Karen. She gave me her beautiful work as a gift, which reminds me of herself; delicate, sensitive yet fun. I will take a good photo in daylight and share it with you next time!

Karen's website: http://www.karenbanks.co.uk/
Paul's website: http://www.fisheyecreative.co.uk/

A couple of rabbits are in my shop now. Two are already gone last night. They are really sweet. : )

Please look the right..
The big nosed one in my shop is in the middle, and, alas, the other cute one is missing from the photo. She is here. : )

I am looking the opposite way. This is my better side. :D
Bisque firing went successfully. I did finishing yesterday. I hope I can do glaze-firing next week.

It has been very stormy here in UK. We had some leaks from the flat roof to the entrance and guest WC on the New Year's Day. Luckily the floor is tiled so damage was limited to walls and ceilings. In comparison with those in flooded areas, we are lucky. Mike went up on the roof to investigate the next day. He couldn't find apparent problems. It seemed the gutter and rain pipe couldn't cope with the sheer volume of rain. He widened the the rain pipe which had some tar inside. We had torrential rain on that night. But there was no leak. Fingers crossed.

Leak! Soaked.

Smiley Mike goes to the roof with a trowel in hand.
 Pumpkin is as chirpy as usual. She trod water-logged garden, as if she had web feet! : D.

Pumpkin chases any sparrows with bread all over the garden!
 During the walk, we have seen more and more damages. Here at the entrance to University of Kent ground, at first I noticed that tree trunks on the ground, and wondered where they were from. Then all of sudden, ah-ha moment. The tall pine tree at the sign post is gone! It must have broken the wooden fence of the house on the right. The fence is gone, too!

About 5-6 meters of pine tree fell.
 About 30-40 year old pine tree was there when I was a student at the University of Kent. The pavement was designed for the tree.

The trunk is bigger than Pearl's head.
 All over the University ground, there were fallen trees.

It must have made big noise!
 The 'bomb pit' became a pond. It is usually dry hole.

And the leaning Leylandii had a hair cut. There are lots of tree surgeons around here and roofers are very busy. I hope there are a good stock of ridge tiles! 

The city council stopped here... eyesore
I hope you are safe and dry!


  1. I've been reading about the storms in the UK while we swelter in the dry heat here in Oz... what extremes! Keep dry :)

    1. I heard northern Oz soaring up to in 40's! I only wish there were a way to shift this water over you! Thank you, Anna. Keep cool! :D Very happy New year to you! : )

  2. I could have been certain I commented but as I check back in hmm blogger must be acting up a wee bit.
    Midori I am glad you and Mike stayed safe in all that stormy, windy weather .
    Mike looks even taller than usual up there on that ladder :)
    So good to see Pumpkin out and about skipping through puddles !

    1. Blogger has a habit of swallowing a few comments. Mine often goes stray! : D
      Thank you, Willow. Stormy weather keeps coming. Before too long, Pumpkin will turn to a duck! :D
      Yes! I can see a little boy in his big smile with a trowel! :D