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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Work in progress

Hello everyone. Mike went to a business trip over night. He came home for lunch yesterday, and I drove him to the station. He asked me if I could look after all animal family; we have a lot. I replied 'I can look after them, but I have to look after myself! That's the problem!'

Everything has been behind schedule by two to three hours. When you take the dogs for a morning walk at a half past two, you really can't take them again for an afternoon walk at a half past three.  So when Mike came home this evening, dogs seemed especially happy to see him. I could see the bubbles above their heads. 'Yay, normal service will resume!'

I have started working on sculptures full on. In order to reduce stress close to the art fair, I am planning to finish all making three weeks prior to it. That's the plan. : )

I will show work in progress today.

Monday night - Left is a child, and the right is a large head.
Monday  night

Tuesday morning - Large head.

Yesterday I worked on the child for several hours. Suddenly the child wanted to become a bird, and then an owl. As I have made lots of little owls recently, I felt it is a good opportunity to make a large one.

Because there will be lots of wall space, I decided to make a wall hanging piece.  I also chose a flat back for the ease of hanging. I made the body, back for the body and head and attached them.

But whatever I did, it didn't look happy. I had a light bulb moment. I felt the owl sent me a message. When I added tears, she suddenly became happy. When I checked the clock it was already a half past eleven, so I decide to leave her as she was until this morning.

This morning

The little ears were removed quickly.

This after noon - Crying owl

Owl foot
 I added ears to a large head, and made a small head.

Small head and Topaz (black one!)

When I finish the head, I often take it to all places to see how it looks on various objects. I quite liked this one. Bizarre but a good proportion!
Large head

Last, as lovely Ilona requested, I took a photo of bunny bums.

Good night, everyone. 



  1. Ohhh... thank you for photo of sleeping bunnies, thank you so much Midori ! Pure cuteness ^^ Small fragile things, so precious.
    And I'm amazed by birth of Crying Owl. Beautiful, really. Great textures on it's coat, wonderful face.. Now I want to see it fired :)
    Have a good day !

    1. I am glad that you like it, Ilona! : ) I am also surprised the child became an crying owl. It has a story. I will share it here later. Thank you! I hope you have a great afternoon! : )

  2. It's so interesting to share your design and creation process! Watching things unfold and being born is magical. I love that Owl, and the foot! Your animals missing Mike made me smile. Your home is a full one shared with many you love who love you. x

    1. I am glad to know that you have enjoyed the process. I have seen other artists have done on twitter, so I decided to do it myself. But when I was absorbed in creation, I forgot to take photos. :D This owl is special. It has strong will to come out from clay. It is indeed magical.

      Without Mike, the house has no routine or rules. We all are so glad he came home! :D x