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Friday, 15 August 2014

New works available in Cecilia Colman Gallery

How was your week? I have had tight head for almost a week now. Monday, I stayed in the bed, and then afterwards, it became more tolerable, but still miserable. Today, after lunch I went to London to deliver my work to Cecilia Colman Gallery. I thought the one thing I can still do with the tight head is delivering works!

Cecilia Colman Gallery is in St John's wood high street, a leafy area of north west London.

Large Duchess of Noisette (about 19cm tall 15cm wide)

Duchess of Noisette - Large

Here is the comparison with the medium size. Although they have similar style, the characters come out differently, as you can see.

Medium (left) and large Duchess of Noisette
Three angels are available there, too.

They also stock my larger bronze-gold whippets and rabbits. Please do pop in, if you are in London!

Cecilia Colman Gallery:  http://www.ceciliacolmangallery.com/


  1. Midori how wonderful that you are in so many Galleries now ~
    of course you should be with all the fantastic work you do !

    1. Thank you, Willow. It is nice to see progress! : )